Hotel prices in Ella

Visit, Ella Sri Lanka

Ella has become the hot spot for the tourists for both local and foreign for the simple reason, that it offers a great, be it accommodation, sightseeing food and drinks or just for leisure. Among places of visit are the beautiful waterfall named Ravana Falls, Punchi Sri Paadaya or Little  Adam’s Peak, Ella Mountain and Dhowa Temple. It is also a very popular as honeymoon location for those who are newly married.


Accommodations in Ella

Ella is a city in the Uva Province of Sri Lanka known for its cool climes and cosy hotels laced with hospitality. Hotels in Ella provide a magnificent scenic beauty of its surrounding hilly area. Hotels in Ella include star class hotels, villas, home stays and guest houses. They provide the guests with a wide variety of dishes, both Oriental and Western. There are many hotels in Ella which provide free breakfast.