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Madu River Safari

A Boat trip at Maadu River

From the ancient times, Madu Ganga was very famous among the tourists. There are about 64 small islands scattered in Madu River. In this way, a number of islets are the reason why the magnificent location of the river is located. Today, though some of the islands are gone, the attraction of the travelers towards this river is ever increasing. This is because a boat ride to see the island in Madu river is a great unforgettable experience.

The Madu River extending across the regions belonging to Uragasmanhandiya area in Balapitiya and Elpitiya in Galle and Balapitiya estuary today is a paradise of tourists looking for the opportunity for boat tours and comfortable accommodation. It’s better if you’re all going to have a boat trip in this perfect river Madhu.

Travelling  from Colombo via the Southern Expressway come to Karandeniya junction and then reach the river Madu. Or you can get off the train from Balapitiya railway station and join a boat that can take you for a tour of the river Madu.  You must look for reasonable prices and the condition of the boat, before you start the boat ride because some boats are very old and dilapidated.

Travelers have the opportunity to travel to a number of small islands with the help of River Guides. Some people live in some of these islands. Some of the islands have ancient monuments. Out of these islands there are a number of famous ones such as Satha pahe Duwa, Gona Duwa, Galmunduwa, Waladuwa, Alluva and Kotthduwa. Currently, a large number of people live in the Ma Duwa and they even have housing. Also, there is an ancient temple at Kothduwa and people in this area go to it            by boats to pay their homage.

This area has the same characteristics of a city that the cities of Thailand and Cambodia exactly display. The whole family can come up with an idea for an amazing experience to enjoy the magic gamut.

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Madu Ganga Boat Safari

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