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 Places To Visit in Badulla

Badulla is one of the most beautiful cities in the Uva province of Sri Lanka.  It is about 220 Km away from Colombo going through Haputhale  and Bandarawela. Badulla district is an area which is full of natural scenic beauty.

Badulla is accessible by bus, train,car,taxi or by plane. A journey by train to Badulla is a major attraction,that takes about 12 hours.  It goes through railway stations like Demodara,Pattipola, Ohia and Idalgashinna and offers the commuters beautiful scenery of the upcountry. The trains are with observation saloons and can be booked beforehand.

Situated in the hill country, Badulla District has a fair climatic condition. As the result, Badulla has a  major attraction in its  cold weather for most parts of the year. Badulla has cities like Haputale, Diyathalawa, Welimada, Bandarawela and Ella nearby.  They are some of the most popular destinations for both local and foreign travelers in Sri Lanka.

Travelers who prefer to travel by road can visit Muthiyangana Vihara, one of the most famous Buddhist temple in Badulla.

A major attraction in Badulla is having two  spectacular water falls of Sri Lanka.They are Rawana Ella and  Dunhinda. Old Bogoda Wood Bridge, Demodara are some other places worth  watching.

Badulla has plenty of accommodation in hotels at affordable prices.

Hotels & Restaurant in Badulla
Hotels in Badulla include star class hotels, villas, home stays and guest houses. There are many hotels in Badulla which provide free breakfast.
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Other Nearby Attractions

Other Attraction Places in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the world’s best country for the travelers.It has a multiple of attractions  especially for those who seek the peace of inner soul, simple life and diverse climatic environments etc.

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