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Demodara Loop

The Railway Line that astonished the world ( Demodara Loop )

When constructing a railway line the engineers face very bitter and severe experiences. Especially, it becomes a very difficult task for them when they have to build a railway line across hills, rocks and inaccessible mountain precipices at the same time making attempts to reduce the length of the railway line as well as the tiredness they have to undergo.

Demodara Railway Line is a fine example for such a task accomplished during the Colonial Era which portrays the wonderful British engineering technology even today. On the other hand, Demodara Railway Line is the most wonderful railway line in the world. As people say, during the colonial era when the British engineers were constructing the railway line they could not make it beyond the proposed Demodara Railway Station.   This is because there was a mountain precipice across the way as a hindrance. While the engineers were thinking hard to find a way to construct it further, they saw a passing – by rural shepherd wearing a turban on his head. He waited for a moment looking at the engineers and removed his turban and wore it again it around his head. One engineer who carefully watched how the shepherd tied his turban around his head, at once, got the idea for building the railway line further.

So, following the method how the shepherd tied his turban around his head they built the railway line.     The railway line near Demodara Railway Station built in this manner has now become a major tourist attraction. You can travel to Demodara from Ella town within 10 minutes. On your way to Demodara via Ella town you have the chance to visit Rawana Waterfalls and Punchi Sripadaya (Little Adam’s Peak) also. By today, many foreign and local travelers love to walk on Badulla Railway Line too.

Demodara Railway Station is located at an altitude of 2994 feet above sea level and after the construction of this wonderful railway line was finished, the first train came there in1921.

You will be amazed if you look at how a train comes passing the railway station and goes round the mountain opposite it and goes again through a tunnel underneath the railway station to go towards Badulla. If you watch it from a high elevation it will be a marvelous sight for you. To get this wonderful experience you should go to Demodara by yourself.