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Welcome to Galle Sri Lanka

Galle City -The Capital City of Southern Province

Galle is a world heritage city located on A2 road about 115 km away from Colombo, the Capital of Sri Lanka.  It town is a protected city due to the historical Dutch fortress and other Dutch monuments within the Galle Fort. The city of Galle that was badly damaged by the tsunami of 2004 has now been restored to its original look .

Galle city is frequented by both local & foreign travelers due to its very beautiful coastal area & warm climate. Main attractions in Galle include traveling in the narrow streets inside Galle Fort.Here  one can watch the glorious sunset and visit Dutch monuments like the Old Dutch Reformed church, the Dutch museum.The Galle  Light House is also nearby.

Just 3km away from Galle is the Rumassala Mountain & Jungle Beach for travel. Located on the legendary Rumassala hill of Unawatuna, the Rumassala sanctuary is a nature lover’s paradise. It boasts a variety of rare plants and medicinal herbs along with endemic species of birds in the country. The Indian epic ‘Ramayana’, also mentions about this Rumassala hill. Unawatuna is world famous for its beautiful beach & the Welle devalaya,”Kovil in the sea” which provides for a serene visit inside. 

Sinharaja Rain Forest (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), is the last viable remnant of Sri Lanka’s tropical lowland rain forest. It  is just 84 KM away from Galle which  is accessible  from  A7 road.

For gourmets of seafood, Galle provides a large variety of seafood.  Crab,oysters,lobsters and prawns, are  available in plenty. Though the food is normally spicy, one can order them non spicy.

Another major attraction in Galle  is the availability of famous  Batiks clothes, pillow lace and clay ornaments. In addition  gems and jewellery are also available mainly in shops within the Galle Fort.

Hotels in Galle and the vicinity include  star hotels such as Light House and budgetary hotels  to suit one’s purse.

Hotels & Restaurant in Galle

Hotels in Galle include star class hotels, villas, home stays and guest houses. There are many hotels in Galle which provide free breakfast.

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Other Nearby Attractions



Other Attraction Places in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the world’s best country for the travelers.It has a multiple of attractions  especially for those who seek the peace of inner soul, simple life and diverse climatic environments etc.

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