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Patna Sliding Rock

Patna Sliding Rock or as known by the locals in Sri Lanka is the newest addition to destinations uncovered here.  This rock is located within the Patna Division in Enesalwatte Estate, which is owned by Mathurata Plantations, in Deniyaya, Sri Lanka.

The river flows over a number of broad rocks with gentle slopes at this place and there is a shallow pool at the end of each rock. A number of natural water slides are developed on the rock due to the calm flow of water over the velvety rock surface. In the recent past Patna Sliding Rock has attracted many visitors both local and foreign, as the Rock has been projected on social media.

Patna is a sliding rock which has come about by the wonders of nature and yes the rick is sliding as it lives up to its name, “Patna Sliding Rock.” The squeals of children and adults alike can be heard from around this rock as they slide on it. The rock is very safe and the pools are shallow. Hence there is no danger of drowning or injuring oneself.

Patna Sliding Rock resembles Leisure Water World, but in this case sliding down the rock is free of charge.  It is sad to see that with the influx of visitors, a trail of garbage is left behind after they leave, thus polluting this beautiful natural phenomenon. As this Rock is open to everyone, visitors are duty bound to keep the area clean and free of clutter and garbage.

In case you have not yet visited this beautiful natural sliding rock, you should make it soon and enjoy what the rock has to offer.

Sri Lanka is a mystery island of beautiful natural effects that have foreigners as well as locals visiting these areas to enjoy what nature has to offer.

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