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Whale Watching

Whale and Dolphin watching in Mirissa is a must do when one visits Sri Lanka. Mirissa is situated in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka in the Matara District.

The most appropriate period to go whale watching in Mirissa is during the months of November to April when the sea is calm and whales commence their migration from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere. When the ocean is rough especially during the months of May to October, whales are hardly seen and the chances of visitors getting sea sick are on the high side. Hence it is advised that visitors keep off whale watching during this period.

There are high level chances of spotting whales during November and April and it is said that the chances are 98%.  One could see the blue whale and also sperm whales, fin whales, short finned whales, dolphin, but rarely would one see a killer whale or a shark whale. There are also turtles and flying fish that one can spot on a sea-safari.

Whale watching journey in Mirissa generally requires 3-5 hours, 4 hours on average. Tours begin at 7 am in the harbor of Mirissa. Visitors are advised to arrive around 6:30-6.45 am. There are meal facilities provided by some tours and also washroom facilities aboard the ship. There is also insurance covers for passengers.

Sri Lanka has another destination for Whale Watching in Trincomalee which has similar facilities. The country is no doubt a haven for beautiful activities which are natural ones. From the historical relics of Polonnaruwa, Anuradhapura and Kandy, which is also known as the Cultural Triangle, to the more modern activities, Sri Lanka provides the best to its visitors all around the year. Hence Whale Watching in Mirissa is a must see spot when you visit exotic Sri Lanka.