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Ravana Ella

The history of King Ravana is a story that is very much looked at by both the Sri Lankan people and India. Ravana Falls is situated in the mountainous regions of the Uva Province, believed to have been habitually used by King Ravana. Ravana Falls, the highest altitude of 82 meters, is the highest waterfall in Sri Lanka.

You can travel from Colombo to Wellawaya and visit Rawana Falls through the Ratnapura-Haputale-Ella road. Nearby, it is easily accessible to tourists. With the increase in the number of visitors to Ella-Wellawaya in the present, the number of visitors to Ravana Falls has also increased rapidly. Therefore, there is a variety of shops in both sides of the road surrounded by Ravana falls.

Ella is the ideal place to spend a great time in the Ravana Ella area due to the natural features of the Uva Province. This is called ‘Ravana Falls’ which is named after this name. There is an opportunity to visit Ravana Falls to visit Ella, Wellawaya, Badulla and Bandarawela. You can travel to all three natural waterfalls on the same day as the waterfall is near the waterfall and a little further to the Dunhinda Falls.

And Ravana’s cave, which is located nearby, is a place where even international tourists come to visit. Some people in Sri Lanka believe that King Ravana, who ruled in the past, had been engaged in a long sleeping sleep inside this cave. So too many people come to see Ravana Cave.