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Pulun Ella

Pulun falls had to  name because of the melting of milk from the cow’s milk like Pulun Ella. The fallen water falls between the Sabaragamuwa mountain range and RatnapuraSabaragamuwa Province in RatnapuraDisawa. The entrance to the Clué Ella can  see when passing Colombo from the city of Ratnapura. And then towards Pelmadulla on the Ratnapura-Embilipitiya road starting from Pelawatte through Lellopitiya and Sannasgama.

The 85 foot wide and 18 feet wide is a tall and well-defined fountain, with height and width. The water pressure of the lowland water from a point like a pole between very beautiful. Rungs is causing to the pressure of the waterfall where it is a very large stream of water. Therefore, the beauty of the Pulun Ella Falls is even greater.



The waterfall has a very beautiful and watery deep base. You can bathe in fresh, clean water when swimming so you can bathe. It is your responsibility to preserve that feeling.  The waterfall situate on one side of a very beautiful mountain called Singapore Hill. The waterfall is provided with large springs from the mountains. Water flows through a river of a river.

The tourists who visit Pulun Ella can travel to Pelmadulla and go beyond the Udawalawa National Park, ColomboSankapalaVihara, PanamureEttagala, KolonnaMaduwanwelaWalauwa. Therefore, the visit of Rathnapura is not an easy one for a day.