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Pitawala Pathana Ella

If you have heard of the Knuckles Protected Area, Knuckles is an environment where you will be taken with biodiversity, but in beauty. The Knuckles Reserve is the best place to see the ecological characteristics of the central highlands and the topography of the hilly terrain. Pitawalapatana waterfall in the Knuckles Range, which emerges from the mouths of small streams originating from the source of dehydrogen fountains, is also a wonderful fountain.

The distance of the knuckles from Matale town to Rattota is about 29 km. Because of the beauty of the Pitawalapathana environment and the Riveston Plain near PitawalaPathana, the local and foreign tourists come to Knuckles. Come 3km along PitawalaPathana and follow the same road towards PitawalaPathana Waterfall.

At a height of about 75 meters, the Pathana Falls is not a fountain that brings such a huge water stream. But a thin silk falling from a cluster of stones is a strange shape. The waterfalls around the waterfall are very rocky and the water flowing out of the waterfall is very pleasant. There are many species of plants that grow along the waterfall and are green in color and small varieties of floricans can experience the magnificent beauty of the cold. It’s a very difficult journey, but this trip is awesome.

PitawalaPatana Falls (No. 1) and follow the PitawalaPaththana Falls (02). You can also visit the area where you can see Bambarakiri Falls, Rathninda Ella,Mangalyra Mountains and Reveston, Laggala, Meemure near Rattota.