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Olu Ella

This is the sixth waterfall in the Yatigantota Division of the Kegalle District. It is about 660 feet tall. Also, the spread of more than 60 feet in width has added more beauty. From the very beginning Olu Falls remained a famous waterfall among the people in Sri Lanka.

Visitors to Kithulgala and visitors from Bulathkohupitiya, Nawalapitiya and other foreign tourists visiting Olu ella will visit the area. The ancient wooden bridge in the Allied access road leading from a beautiful eco-system belongs to the colonial era. It is therefore clear that this waterfall is a place used for centuries and is a comforting place for tourists.

If you come from Colombo to Avissawella, come to Yatiyantota via Avissawella and then proceed from left bank along Yatiyantota-Parasella-Punugala via Nawalapitiya to Malalpolaand Malalpola Viharaya, the Olu ella can be seen on the right side of the road. This is a very impressive sight, in your memories.

This waterfall is more than its height and width, and is now a favorite place among foreign tourists. As this area grows to become a tourism industry, it also provides tourists with the facilities they need every day.

It is possible to have a bath at the foot of the waterfall, but the waves need to be carefully sank during more time. Also, it is your responsibility to protect the environment as well as protecting and protecting endemic animals and plants of this ecosystem.