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Nakkavita Ella

Up to 310 feet above sea level,Nakkavita Ella Falls was not a popular place among tourists. On the Internet, as well as newspapers, TVs, and even the beautiful Siri Dansans, they are organizing round trip to the waterfall. As much as it is, it is beautiful.

Even though such a strong or large water stream does not go down, there is no shortage of beautiful water. Like a cascade of rock in a mountainous region, it will surely be a wonderful sight to see. This natural resource created in an environment of plant communities and landscape features in the middle mountains of the Kegalle district is a fascinating sight to the disturbed scenery of the mountains.



Visitors coming to Deraniyagala via Avissawella via Thalduwa from the Colombo city to Deraniyagala pass several kilometers ahead of Dehiovita. After passing the Kollupitiyabridge and the AbhinavaramaViharaya, the road leading to the waterfall can be seen. From there on foot can reach the waterfall. Although there is not much of a road access to the Sri PradeshiyaSabhniyaDeraniyagalaMalibagoda road, it is possible to visit the Sri Pada pilgrimage to the Vakarai Ella.

Due to the nearby waterfall near the Sri Pada site, it is located in a very wet zone. Water is supplied from the Seethawakariver. You can visit a nice tourist in Deraniyagala, a place to remember in Nakkavitaella falls.