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Mahakandura Ella

From Kandy town to Keerthibandarapura junction, from Mahiyanganaya road, from there turn right across the Padiyapelella road through the Haragama road. When traveling to Rikillagaskada, about 4 km from Padiyapalella, access to the Mahakandura Waterfall. There is the Victoria-Randenigala forest reserve on the Pidurutalagala forest reserve on the other side of the Mahakanda falls along the jungle.

You can travel to Hanguranketha area, NuwaraEliya, Mandaramnuwara, and Walapane to see the Mahakandura falls. Mahakandura Falls, the most beautiful stream of water in the rainy times, was confront with the current threat of drainage. This is due to destruction and soil erosion in the catchment areas of this waterfall. As a result of human activities, this beautiful waterfalls will continue to glimpse forever in the future.

The 371 feet high Mahakandura Ella Falls is about to be flown to different directions. Also, the surrounding floral area has added beauty to the waterfall. There is no water pool at the foot of the waterfall, but tourists can safely navigate.

There is no main river or tribal water that feeds the waterfall.  And also the water of the water flows downward as a canal. Traveling for a moment, you can sing songs and sing in the afternoon for a night and enjoy the magic of the Mahakandura Falls.  You will also see a large number of endemic fishes that were endanger by the waterfall.