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Mapanana Ella

You will find in the history books that in the past, the administrative system in Sri Lanka was called “maapa”. Such a stepparent may have been called Mapa-falls from an ever-drifting waterfall, from folklore. Later, it was named as Mapanana Falls, and many of the past stories about the lovely Mapanana Falls are associated with it.

Mapanana Ella, which is 47 feet high in the provincial province of Ratnapura, belongs to the Ratnapura District. From Wewelwatta to Ratnapura and proceed from Malwala-Srimadhamama road and then arrive at Sri Pundala and reach Mapanana Falls about two kilometers away. This area is very watery and the Sri Pada site is close to the water catchment area. The water that is transported by the Kaluganga falls down the canal.

Due to this area of the Dampas Ella, many tourists come to see these two waterfalls once. The higher the temperature and the beauty of the Dampus Falls than the Dampes Falls. The Sripada walkway is also a great opportunity for tourists to see the ‘Mapanana Falls’, since the route to the Sri Pada is located in Srimadagama.

The waters of Mapanana falls to a large rock at a conservative climate in the Sri Pada area. The spectacular view of the water scattered downwards is fantastic. Due to the high level of water in the year, there is no barrier to the beauty of the waterfall. The damage caused to the environment is also high. This waterfall which belongs to the Ratnapura Pradeshiya Sabha has become a frequent occurrence for foreign tourists.