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Kurundu Oya Ella

The local and foreign tourists who are visiting Sri Lanka.  They  most of the time prefer to travel in the beautiful little village called “Mandarama Nuwara”. From NuwaraEliya town, Kandapola can  reach in 30 km along the Walapane road. Many of these visitors are not forgetting to visit Walapane, Padiyapelella and Mathurata.

When traveling through the Nuwara Eliya-Harasbage-Walapane road, the Kurundu(Cinnamon)Oya Falls, which is about 2 km away from Walapane town. It  is another beautiful waterfall. The highest waterfall near the Nuwara Eliya, Kurundu Oya Falls is about 585 feet high. Cinnamon River (Karindu Ganga) is a water basin that begins near the Pidurutalagala Mountain Range and joins the Mahaweli River. Cinnamon Oya, which was create from the Cinnamon Garden, is a wonderful sight.


Cinnamon, which is flowing in a few steps, can  see as a very nice picture from a distance. It’s worth it for your Traveling Camera. The view can  view well near the pagoda of the Japanese Buddhist Monastery in Walapane. But you need to travel on the most difficult path if you want to go fishing.

This road should pass through the difficult rocky gardens.  As well as the highway of the Kurundu Oya that descends to the base of the canal. Foreign documentaries have  create base on Kurundu Oya that drops through a large, two hillsides. So there is no doubt that you should watch this.

Kurundu Oya falls are one of the most important areas in the Nuwara Eliya water catchment area.