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Kanniya Hot Water Wells

Sri Lanka has two areas where hot water springs exists, they are the Kanniya Hot Water Springs and the Madunagala Hot Water Springs, situated in Trincomalee and between Sooriyawewa and Ridiyagama respectively.

Kanniya Hot Springs

The Kanniya Hot Springs are situated in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka. The wells are square shaped and count 7. Not very deep at only 3-4 feet, the bottom can be seen very clearly.  The temperature which is usually high can switch to different temperatures during the day and when around 15 buckets of water are drawn from these well, they run out of water.

The Sri Lanka civil war destroyed most of the artifacts and there seems to be only visible a monastery.  The inscription on the stupa mount discovered recently, stated that the tanks located near to the site were set aside for Buddhist monks’ use.

Local beliefs are that the hot water springs date back to the period of Ravana. Legend is that the Ravana who could not bear the demise of his mother struck the earth with his sword in many spots, thus triggering the flow of several fountains from these points.