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Find Businesses In Kandy Sri Lanka
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Kandy Sri Laka

Kandy – the proud capital of hill country.

Kandy is one of the great historical cities in Sri Lank, since it was used as the central governing point by many an ancient kings who ruled Ceylon in the past. This significance of this kingdom city is enhanced due to the exposition of the Sacred Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha in Kandy at Dalada Maligawa which is veneered as a living Buddha.

Kandy is located about 112 km away from the capital city, Colombo. The city of Kandy derives its name from the Sinhala word “Kanda” which in English is the hill, thus calling Kandy the hill country. The historical monuments that still remain there is ample proof that the British gave their utmost attention to Kandy since they gained control of the Kandyan Kingdom by the convention of 1815.

Local and foreign tourists are attracted to Kandy due to its hilly surroundings which contribute to the cold climate which can be experienced mainly in the night. The beauty of Kandy city is enhanced by the Kandy Lake which lends beauty and coolness as well to the city. The city is full of buildings of high quality architecture put up during British colonial period.

The city of Kandy is busy during the month of June and July due to the large gathering of people who flock to witness the Dalada Perahera, which the highest cultural pageant is held in the country.

Apart from the Temple of the Tooth Relic, other places of interest around Kandy city includes Degaldoduwa Vihara, Gadaladeniya and Lankathilaka Viharayas and Embekke Devalaya which is famous for its wood carvings and the world famous Peradeniya Botanical Garden. Gannoruwa Agriculture Research Center is also worth watching since it abounds with healthy fruit and vegetable products.

Kandy is just 112 Km away from the capital city of Colombo and is accessible by train, bus or cars. One can make use of the recently introduced luxury bus service or the intercity train. Once the Central Expressway, which is due to open in 2020, is ready, it will provide faster access to Kandy .

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