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Marvelous legacy of Nature – Galle Jungle Beach.

Galle is a city of world heritage. It is a very pleasant and beautiful city which has won the attraction of foreign tourists as well as local travelers. The most captivating coastal belt which is attached to Galle City and the old Dutch Fort situated in it are the main reasons for this. Also, the Rumassala mountain range situated not far away from Galle city which was the back ground for many historical legendries is another reason for the tourist attraction.

When you travel about 5 kilometers from Galle along  the Matara road you will pass the Pinnaduwa Interchange of Southern Highway and about 200 meters away from it, you will see a cement factory. Opposite this cement factory, begins the road that leads to the entrance to the Rumassala Jungle Beach. This beach situated in a plot of land with beautiful and amazing geographical landscapes is a place where the tourists frequently come to enjoy its magnificent attractiveness. Therefore, the possibility of getting the beach dirty is very high

The tourists who arrive at this jungle beach have the chance to enjoy the beauty of the lovely beach zone including the Galle Port on one side and the scenic Rumassala Mountain Range on the other side. Since there are no shops or kiosks near the jungle beach  that you can buy foodstuffs or drinks you have to buy what need  from the city of Galle or on your way to it.     But there are a number of hotels of very good level that you can stay, close to the jungle beach.

If the travelers that come to visit the jungle beach can walk a few kilometers further, then, they have the chance of seeing the Japanese Peace Temple which is situated on a very high elevation of the Rumassala mountain range. This temple is also a very attractive place. Another important thing that you have to keep in your mind is that the Unawatuna observatory point or the cape of Rumassala is also there, which enables you to get a better view of the beach zone, in order to make your journey more enjoyable.

Hotels & Restaurant in Jungle Beach

Hotels in Galle include star class hotels, villas, home stays and guest houses. There are many hotels in Galle which provide free breakfast.

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