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Jaffna Places to Visit

A name of Yaalppaanam “Jaffna”

Palmyra trees, Kottakilangu (boiled roots of palmyra tree), Palmyra toddy and once we hear the sound of ‘Thawail drum’ and ‘Naadsswaram’ Tamil music we immediately take our memory to the North of Sri Lanka. That means the Jaffna Peninsula. You can reach Jaffna travelling 396 km from Colombo via Vavuniya.

Jaffna was a self-sufficient region of Sri Lanka before the commencement of war which was over 30 years old. There were many endemic products in Jaffna before the war. But again, Jaffna gradually shifted from the sun’s rays of development and now both local and foreign tourists are making their stay in Jaffna.

It’s even better if you book your Jaffna accommodation in Jaffna. The Old Green Grass Hotel in the vicinity of the Jaffna Railway Station, as well as the newly built Valampuri and Jetwing hotels are looking forward to provide facilities for tourists. Among the special foods of Jaffna, you will love the steamed crab and the foods such as Dosaii, Puri, Masala Dosaii and Manni Pittu.

Jaffna is a large tourist destination that cannot be arrived at within one single day trip. The history of Jaffna has come down to the ruins of ancient suburbs in the sub-kingdom of Jaffna. Of these, the Nallur Kandaswamy Temple near Jaffna is a well-known Kovil in Sri Lanka. There are many other places such as Nagadeepa, Delft Island, Kaduragoda Viharaya, Dambakolaputana Temple, Point Pedro and Velvettithurai  which is believed to be the Ecclesiastical Palace, the Jaffna Library, the Jaffna Dutch Fort, the Jaffna Art Gallery etc. which are worthwhile to be visited.

For a perfect tour to Jaffna, take three to four days at least. Anyway, it’s easy and quick for you if you board on Yal Devi train from the city of Colombo. If the intercity luxury or super luxury train is scheduled to arrive, the family may come together in a comfortable air-conditioned compartment.  Do not forget to buy Jaffna Nellie and grape wine as well as brooms at the pulse shops and palmyra products.

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Hotels in Jaffna include star class hotels, villas, home stays and guest houses. There are many hotels in Jaffna which provide free breakfast.
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Other Nearby Attractions

Other Attraction Places in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka is the world’s best country for the travelers.It has a multiple of attractions  especially for those who seek the peace of inner soul, simple life and diverse climatic environments etc.

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