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Gerandigini Ella

A waterfall in Nuwara Eliya is that there is no such thing as a distant view of its beauty. It is not surprising. However, that the waterfalls of the Nuwara Eliya region. Which are endemic to the climate of the hills and the green hills, are unmatched. Although no popular Gerandigini Falls, most visitors who visit Nuwara Eliya are still present.

If you go to see the Ramboda waterfall and the Ramboda tunnel, you can watch the screenplay at the same time. From NuwaraEliya to Kandy, 20 km from Ramboda, you can go to the waterfalls of Ramboda Ella falls. From Ramboda, about five and a half kilometers away, you can see the approach to the slopes.

It is 308 feet in height, and the waterfall is very beautiful and in direct flow of water, making it more beautiful. A spectacular view of the stunning panorama of rocky clusters in a large, mountainous landscape. Gerandigini Falls is one of the best in the nature of the surrounding climate. Along with the natural surroundings of the central mountains.

In some cases, this waterfall that drastically reduces the water’s water can sometimes become dried up. You can travel to NuwaraEliya, Kotmale, Ramboda, Gampola and visit Ramboda Falls and Ramboda Ella within less than an hour. In this area, tourists and tourists have all been set up with all facilities. And also tourist centers so that any local or foreign visitor will have the full experience of the area.