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Gerandi Ella

There are several waterfalls called Garandi Ella in Sri Lanka, one of which is near NuwaraEliya town.  Garandi Ella in the Kandy district.”Grandiella falls” call as from Kandy town to Mahiyangana road.  Such as  along Teldeniya, Medamahara, Hunnasgiriya trail.   As well as the Hunnasgiriya and Kandegama mountain ranges which are located to the left of the road.

You can see Gerandi ella Falls, nearly 78 feet tall.  This waterfalls seem that to be far from the mountainous class as if it were a scapegoat like a gangster.

Going through Kandy via Madawala through the Narampanawa.  You will be able to find the way to Access road to Garandi Ella. Often, you can find a travel guide under a reasonable amount of money in this area. Garandiella Falls, located in the Knuckles Range, is beautifully stunning for many years.

Completing the stunning geographical features of the Knuckles Reserve . It is extremely difficult to access at the base of the gardian fountain in the thick forest.  Water  transported to ancient agricultural lands in Garadi Ella, Kalugala, which flows into four parts.

You can  visit in Kalugala area where we have grown a lot of beautifully hedely grown paddy fields. It can be a great addition to the tourism industry. There is no reason to argue that you need to watch the tap water.