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Galdola ella falls

On the Embilipitiya road via Ratnapura-Pelmadulla, turn right from Madampe junction and turn on Suriyakanda road, near Rakwana. If you travel about two kilometers past Rakwana, you will be able to see the famous Galdola Falls, due to the most popular 10 bends It is easy for travelers to get to Galdola Falls due to the close proximity of the main road.

It is assumed that this waterfall is named as Galdola Falls to symbolize the height of 310 feet above the hill and the water table at the base of the rocky rocks and the basin in the basin. This waterfall, which flows through very rich water streams for a time, is drizzled as a thin stream.

The water of the Rakwana river, flowing through the Rakwana area, drops down to Galdola Falls and flows through clean springs of the Sinharaja Forest. When it comes to bathing down the hill across the mountain peak of the Suriyakanda Mountains, you can enjoy the fresh and cleanliness of the water in the tourist.

Today there is an increase in the number of tourists arriving in the area due to the arrival of tourists to Rakwana and its surrounding Sinharaja forest. If you get the opportunity to come to Galdola Falls through the misty environment in this area, it will be some kind of pleasant experience. You will have the opportunity to see the nearby Sinharaja Forest, the Sinharaja Monastery, the Bulutota Church and the places where you are visiting.