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Find Businesses In Kitulgala Boat Rafting
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Kitulgala Boat Rafting

Enjoy with your mates at Kitulgala

When Boat Rafting in Sri Lanka is mentioned, Kitulgala is the prime name everyone is reminded of immediately. Despite being a a main tourist destination for water rafting, it has been a very important place from the past because it is from Kitulgala that the Incumbent deity of Sri Padaya ,God Saman’s kingdom starts.

Kitulgala is located about 87Km away from Colombo city on Colombo-Hatton road. If you are coming via Kandy, it is about about 60 km away on Gampola-Ulapane-Nawalapitiya road. With the recent growth in the tourist industry in the area, there are many places of interest for tourists.

Kithulgala is popularly known for Water Rafting, which is a streamlined boat-grouping activity that involves crowds and recreational activities. Kithulgala is ideal if you are a group because the main recreation there is water rafting using hundreds of waterfalls. Boats and paddles can be obtained from Water Rafting companies on payment of a nominal price. Also, do not forget to get protective coats and helmets. Wearing protective gear is very important for your safety. Follow the advice given by your supporters and the supporters of Rafting’s help through insidious activities. Or your life could be at risk.?

The Kelani River flows through this area. It’s better to be careful because of its nasty waves.

Kithulgala has been a port in the past where people have been ferried across and along the Kelani River. The remains of the bridge constructed for the world-famous film” The Bridge on the river Kwaii” still is visible in the vicinity.

Another noteworthy location near Kitulgala is the cave named “Belilena”, just 6 Km from there, where skeleton of a very ancient man, who is believed to have lived about   years ago has been found

If you are interested in local liquor, you can enjoy some toddy and you can also find natural honey too.

Hotels & Restaurant
Hotels in Kitulgala include star class hotels, villas, home stays and guest houses. There are many hotels in Kitulgala which provide free breakfast.
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