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Duwili Ella falls

It is worth noting that the Duwili Ella or Dooli Ella Falls.  It  is one of the most beautiful waterfall in Sri Lanka.  Duwili Ella Falls, Thanjantenna, in Kaltotte, close to Balangoda town in the Ratnapura district.  Duwili Ella Falls can  reach by traveling about 4 kilometers from Balangoda town.

Even though there was a need to travel on a difficult road, due to the recent development of the road.It is a situation has arise  in the vicinity of the waterfall. Due to the presence of another dust in the forest area in the Sinharga forest, which is bored by the Sinharaja forest, most of them are Balangoda Desert Falls called the Kaltota Duwili Ella falls.

At a height of 130 feet above sea level, it is also higher than the height of the forest.

Kalthota Duwili Ella Falls was recently reward largely by tourists. With the roll-out of programs on dusty falls through most of the local travel television shows, the number of tourists visiting the Duwili Ella Falls has gradually increased. Kaltota Duwili Ella has become a welcome destination for foreign tourists today.

You will be able to see the Duwili Ella which comes to Balangoda area, Horton Plains National Park and Haputale. Kaltota Dewi Falls, located in a very mild and temperate climatic condition. Receives water from the water sources of the Walawe river.

At the foot of the Duwili Ella Falls, the pool is very large. As there is plenty of water to shower.  However, it is important for tourists to keep an eye on it.  Because it is not advisable to take baths during wet weather. In ancient documents, the East waterfalls of Walawe river also called as “Kaltota Duwili ella”.