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Dunsinane falls in Nuwaraeliya

Cold NuwaraEliya is a haven for the country’s most beautiful waterfalls. Although the Dunsinane Falls is not so common in popularity as it is today, today it is the most popular tourist attraction. The reason for this is that the Dunsinane Falls has fallen like a dear tower. And a few more floors will fall in a few steps.

You can travel to NuwaraEliya along the Nuwaraeliya-Kandy Road from the Haldumma junction and travel along the 5 km long Dunsinanne Falls. Also from Colombo to Hatton via Ginigathhena to Nawalapitiya and Nawalapitiya -Kubaloluwa -Pudaluoya road will be able to visit the Dunsinane Waterfall.



In fact, with the freshly cooled Dunsinane Falls, it’s got its name from Dunsinane and the Shinan Estate, with the endemic cold and green climatic conditions of NuwaraEliya. However, many people in the area call this waterfall named Pudaluoya Waterfall. It is named after Hindus for providing this waterfall.

Most visitors to the Danshan Waterfall are travelers from Kotmale, NuwaraEliya, Nawalapitiya and Gampola. Therefore, it is a good advice to plan your trip. There are almost no obstacles to watch Dunsinane Falls, just like the city of NuwaraEliya and the surrounding area. But most of the time, it is more important that tourists are ready, because most of the high temperatures are created in the Nawalapitiya-Oludlop Road.

Dunsinane falls to KotmaleOya, 100 meters or 310 feet in height. Upper Kotmale can be seen in heavy rainfall during the rainy season. Bathing at the foot of the water should be carefully guarded. Slippery rocks are not suited for a lot of times when raging. Anyway, the Dunsinane Waterfall will certainly make you memorable memories.