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Second Dunhinda, Dun Ella

Located near the Madolsima village in the Passara divisional secretary area of the Badulla district. This waterfall based on a number of historical stories. Especially, King Walagamba has been able to count on the credentials that still lapse in the caves. During the time of the convoy of the Uva Province.  Also, it was believe that King Rajasinghe camp in close proximity to his armies and was supply with drinking water.

The tourist from Colombo to Kandy travels through the Victoria-Randenigala reservoir along the Kandy-Randenigala reservoir. Passing over to the LoggalOya Reservoir, proceed through the Madolsima towards the Loggal Oya reservoir. It travels 4 kilometers in the Passara road and meet the road leading to the falls at Ittiththambuwela.

Dun ella Falls is a very beautiful waterfall. In the literal sense of the word, the water drops down from the top of the flying water. Likely  a drop of tobacco from the sky. Few parts of the Falls, which is about 410 feet tall, turns to directions a few times. A large number of local and international tourists are visiting this beautiful scene.  As well as the beautiful scenery surrounding the area.

Madolsima is also a beautiful village and a tourist attraction. And also  the tourists visiting the village are not forgotten. The water can be reached at a very short time by the Victoria reservoir and the Randenigala reservoir.

Tourists very much like this place. Because the canal can also was wash off by the clean water of the pool. This area is always ready to welcome, the tourists with the fresh and nutritious meals. In the real sense of the words it’s a worthwhile place.