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‘Diyaluma’ Second heights waterfall in Sri Lanka

The name of the most desirable name for anyone in Sri Lanka. It is a wonderful memory of the local foreign tourists who visit the annual waterfalls of the waterfalls. Diyaluma waterfall of 722 feet is second only to the Bambarakanda waterfall. The most beautiful area of Koslanda in the Badulla district facilitate Diyalumata to show its beauty.

The easiest way to travel to a delicious chimney is to travel via Colombo-Ratnapura via Haputale road from Beragala junction and to Koslanda on the road to Wellawaya. You can easily get to the water when you travel to nearby Demodara, Haputale, Ella, and Wellawaya.

View of the beautiful waterfall View in a very attractive environment from the main road. Also, some groups have crossed over 500 meters past the waterfall. This is the jolly adventure that rises to the top of the watercourse through the villages along the path of the village.   As well as the tourists are one of favorite activity of  come to this area. And  also get many  experience of camping.

It is assume that the most beautiful waterfall in the rainfall is call  the ‘delusional’ waterfall, which means that the words ‘water canter’ are join together. The most spectacular waterfall of a woman is the beautiful waterfall of a number of professional photographers.

Nowadays tourism in areas such as Ella, Wellawaya has greatly improved, so you have the right to lodge in the Koslanda area with food, beverages and transport. As a result, the most demanding visit to the past has become an easy task. Within the next few years, the Matara – Wellawaya Express Highway will be complete and from Colombo in three hours from Colombo, in Wellawaya, you will be able to see the reservoir.