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A journey to lovely Devon falls

Nuwara Eliya is generally a popular place to stay in Sri Lanka, as is usually the local travelers from Sri Lanka and foreign tourists. While passing through Colombo from Colombo to Nuwara Eliya, in the Yatiyantota, Kitulgala and Ginigathena areas, Kotagala tunnel arrive at Thalawakele after passing the Hatton and Ginigathhena towns.

Meanwhile, on the left side of the road, the Devon Estate, along with the beautiful Devon Falls, will not forget the tourists. From the Devon Falls near the road, it’s easy to see the waterfront of the Devon Bridge in the countryside. Every green man shows a cool atmosphere in the green devour and patterns of the tea plantations.

Devon falls with a height of 97 feet, or 318 feet, drops below three. Devon Falls, the most devastating watercourse, is known as the Devon Estate. Devon, the well-known British Tea Tea Planter, is known as the Devon introduction because it cannot be prevented from being recalled as a British waterfall.

The waterfall is about 6 kilometers from Thalawakele and we have to go through a few kilometers of tea plantations on a difficult road. Travelers will have to spend an extra time if you expect to go on that trip. A very talented artist often creates small portraits of Devon Falls live at the same location, near the Devon Falls. Tourists like to paint that picture as a memorandum.

Nuwara Eliya town is about 29 km away from Devon falls and Ambewela is about 39 km away. Also, crossing the Devon Falls, moving towards Nuwara Eliya a few steps away, St. Clair is also a beautiful waterfall. So do not forget to watch Devon during Nuwara Eliya’s trip.