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Devagiri Ella

The northeastern edge of the Ratnapura District, the Horton Plains National Park and the Balangoda boundary range, is an area where many renowned and beautiful waterfalls are found in Sri Lanka. The reason for this is the lack of water in this area. This is the same area that liberates the Demaliella or the Niwunella (Twin Falls) from this area.

When traveling to Colombo-Ratnapura road and heading towards Belihuloya, turning left from the Nelliwala junction to the new city and traveling about 4 km. This falls is 105 meters (448ft) in height, which is due to the beautiful beauty of a Tamil woman.

There are several legends about the waterfalls. Each of these legends ends with the news that a beautiful Tamil woman jumped out of this frog and lost her life. However, this is a fascinating waterfall in the waterfalls of this area. Needless to say, the deepest foliage of a twofold foliage that flows through four rocks laying in three sections is not the best.

You should take great care here, because you have to travel to this cascade through a difficult journey and that the pool of the waterfall is not a safe place for a bath. People in the area say that the rainfall floods in the days of flooding and that it is very colorful in the rain.

During a trip to Horton Plains, or Belihuloya, during a visit to Balangoda, you can set aside time to view the falls. You will also be able to see endemic animals among the natural resources that belong to the area.