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Dambulla Cave Temple

Golden Temple

This  is one of the world famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Sri Lanka where a massive rock has been transformed into a beautiful place of worship that is revered by Buddhists all around the world.It is made up of massive rock caves dating back to reign of ancient kings.

This historical, religious place is situated in the Central Province, and is located about 148km away from Colombo via Kurunegala-Galewela road. From Kandy it is about 72km away from Kandy on  A9  Kandy Jaffna highway.

The archaeological evidence shows that some of the paintings and statues in the upper part of the Dambulla cave temple belong to the 3rd and 7th centuries. They have been renovated periodically from the 11th century to the 14th century. This site has been made historical, for an ancient king called Walagamba has used it for hiding when foreigners invaded his kingdom.

Those who travel to this place are able to enjoy the Dambulu Cave paintings and other ancient artworks as well as the remarkable Sigiriya Rock which is visible from the top of the Dambulla rock, especially at sunset. Whilst climbing the steps to this Golden rock,it is important to keep in mind to be careful from the herd of monkeys who will try to grab anything in your hands, be it food or flowers. So keep a distance from them and do not try to feed them.

Accommodation available in Dambulla varies from 5 star hotels in the form of Kandalama Hotel to budget lodges to suit your pocket.

Among many places of interest that can be visited whilst in Dabulla, Sigiriya, the world famous Rock Fortress the Ibbankankatuwa lake nearby  near the Dambulla town, the prehistoric cemetery and the canyon of Pondicherry.These could be arranged with assistance of the hotel staff.

Hotels & Restaurant in Dambulla
Hotels in Dambulla include star class hotels, villas, home stays and guest houses. There are many hotels in Dambulla which provide free breakfast.
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