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Beautiful Bentota on Southern Coast

The South of Sri Lanka is a haven for tourists and is a main attraction for tourists from around the world.  The main reason for this tourist attraction to Sri Lanka and the south is the country’s beautiful beaches and historical sites.  Further tourists are attracted to Bentota due to the many comfortable hotels that are economically priced and are also a haven for products turned out by the village folk such as batiks garments, beautifully turned out seashells into various ornaments and gems.

Tourists can avail themselves of hired motorcycles and if you are a surfing enthusiast, then you could also hire surf boards at competitive prices.  Bentota is situated 65km from Colombo and one could get to Bentoa via railway, air-conditioned buses or the even hire a cab. Bentota is an area that has a warm atmosphere and a tourist’s paradise.

The Bentota beaches are extremely clean and are maintained by the many hotels that have been constructed on the coastal area with direct beach fronts. There are many events that tourists can take part in such as beach volleyball, BBQ, and many other sporting activities that are arranged by the hotels.

The Brief Garden from Bentota is 10 kilometers inland. The grounds are a lovely place to get lost, a scarcely meticulous riot of a garden from The Jungle Book. The building, once home to Bevis Bawa, the brother of famous architect Geoffrey Bawa, has a diverse artwork on show, stretching from homoerotic sculpture to a spectacular mural.

An important tourist attraction at Bentota is the Turtle Hatchery Project. It has been seen that almost five endangered species of turtles have been seen on this beach, which has been demarcated as an “undisturbed” beach.

Hotels & Restaurant
Hotels in Bentota include star class hotels, villas, home stays and guest houses. There are many hotels in Bentota which provide free breakfast. 
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Other Attraction Places in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka is the world’s best country for the travelers.It has a multiple of attractions  especially for those who seek the peace of inner soul, simple life and diverse climatic environments etc.

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