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Babarakanda the highest waterfall in Sri Lanka.

If you ask from a small child about the highest waterfall in Sri Lanka, the answer is that the Bambarakanda falls. Bambarakanda Falls is a remarkable asset to Sri Lanka, which is the most well-known destination in South Asia’s fascinating waterfalls. In the Kalupahana area in the Badulla District, one should watch only one time or you should watch it in the vicinity of Kalupahana -Ohiya Road.

The height is 241 meters, or 790 feet tall, and is 299 meters taller than the world’s waterfalls. This waterfall, which attracts thousands of visitors, is not only high in height but also in its nature. KudaOyaBambarakanda, one of the tributaries of the Walawe river, which starts from the Sri Pada site, will be nurtured by the fountains of clean springs. Therefore, Bambarakanda waterfall can be considered as the most beautiful thing in nature.

Traveling from Colombo, turn left at the Kalupahana junction on the road across Beragala via Rathnapura-Belihuloya and travel about 3 km towards Ohiya you will be able to see the Bambarakanda waterfalls. The water that splits from the site of the Horton Plains National Park from the site of the Horton Plains National Park, is no more than a year old.

Visitors to the Bambarakanda Falls will be able to visit the nearby Horton Plains National Park, the World Heritage Sites, the HaputaleAdysham Bungalow and the Lipton Estate, the Idalgashinna and Ohiya Train Stations. Therefore, a wasp bus stop is not limited to a day’s work, but it will be a delight to plan a few days in the cold of Badulla. Due to the recent adverse effects of the tourists, this ecosystem has been badly damaged, therefore, it is very important for you to survive and be responsible for the future.