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Arugam Bay

Your favorite destination, Arugam Bay..

A bay is one of the interesting and uncommon elements of coastal environment. Since a bay has unseen beauty and other environmental attractions most of the nature lovers are willing to feel the essence of freshness belonging to a bay area. Arugam bay can be considered as a calm, free, beautiful and the most popular bay in Sri Lanka. In the real sense of the words, it’s a marvelous creation.

At present Arugam Bay has become a tourist paradise since a majority of foreign tourists as well as Sri Lankan travelers have made it as their mandatory residence during their round tours. Throughout the year Arugam bay is filled with tourists unlikely other places which affects the seasonal pattern. Now it has turned into a 365 day paradise.

If you move from Colombo, you can follow the route via Rathnapura-wellawaya-Monaragala by travelling 320km to reach Arugam bay. The alternative route from Ampara-Akkareipattu is about 80km. Pottuwil, the nearest town to Arugam bay is also an attractive tourist destination. Not only that, Kumana National Park (Birds’ Paradise) is also located near this area.

According to the travelers who like sea surfing, sun bathing and swimming, Arugam bay is the best place in the Eastern coastal line. Therefore, you should visit there at least once during your lifetime.

To taste Sri Lankan spicy food, sea food as well as to feel every entertaining events Arugam bay is ready to host throughout the year. Due to the Tsunami in 2004, this area was completely destroyed and now it has recovered with the development of tourism sector. With comfortable weather condition you can visit Arugam bay without any hesitation.

Hotels & Restaurant
Hotels in Arugam bay include star class hotels, villas, home stays and guest houses. There are many hotels in Arugam bay  which provide free breakfast.
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Other Nearby Attractions

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