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Anagimala Ella

The name Kanneliya is not a stranger name for Sri Lankan travelers, and it is located in the beautiful rainforest located in Galle District which is well known and it is large in size. Among them are many of those who go to the Anagimala Ella Kanneliya, a beautiful natural creation. This beautiful waterfall, located in the central part of the Kanneliya Forest Reserve, offers you a walk during a mourning period.

The easiest way to go to the Kanneliya Reserve rainforest through Colombo is Galle, Udugama-Koralegama and many others. If you visit the Kanneliya jungle, with the help of a tourist guide, you will be able to see a few more waterfalls across the rainforest. One of them is Anagimala Falls.



One of the factors that contributes to the beautiful beauty of this waterfalls Kanneliya area, which flows beautifully in a rocky valley, and the attractiveness of the tourist attraction to the slaughterhouse. Anagimala Falls is often a place where you can find out on footpaths in Kanneliya.

The Anagimala Falls is 200 feet tall by flowing through a small rock. Due to the fact that a very great water stream has been brought down, the pool canal is often filled. But you get the attention to bathing carefully.

You can also see a number of endangered fish among the endemic animal communities that are endangered by the lowland rain forests at Anagimala Falls.