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Alupola Ella : A treasure in Rathnapura

The Sri Pada site is one of the catchment areas.  These are Mahaweli, Kelani, Kalu and Walawe rivers in Sri Lanka. As well as the birthplace of many beautiful waterfalls.  In the meantime, near Aluhpola Ella along the Wewelwaththa road and then about 03 kilometers away, the margin of the Sripada forest is located there.

The immediate reason for naming the same as Alupola Falls is due to the Alupola estate near Waterfall. In fact, this waterfall belongs to Alupola estate on one side. With a lot of water sources in the area, you can enjoy a lot of beauty. Not only Alupolla but also many other big waterfalls nearby are also now available to view the visitors.

Alupola Falls, a height of 68 feet, 238 feet high, is designed to crush waters. When it comes to Sri Paada’s time, Alupa Ella leaves aside a flow of water as if it were a woman’s hair. At the base of the falls, the dinghy and its still-flowing water are a glimpse of travelers’ hearts.

For a long time, Alupa Ella is a place where most tourists come to Ratnapura.  You can see most of the beasts.  Due to the boundaries of the Sripaada forest.  And also you can see Alupola Ella area.  Of these, there are animals such as deer, bear and leopard. Also, there is a valuable environment for the country’s endemic species. Therefore, protecting this ecosystem is a must as well as looking at the beauty of the river Ella.