Adam's Peak

Adam's Peak Sri Lanka

Pilgrimage to Sri Paadaya (Adam’s Peak)

If there’s one religious place in Sri Lanka visited by people belonging to any religion, ethnic group or cast, it is none other than Adam’s Peak or Sri Paadaya in Sinhala. It is also called ‘Samanala Kanda’ (Butterfly Mountain) by Sri Lankans. The unique feature of this place is that it has a footprint which Buddhists believe is that of Lord Buddha set during the His visit to Sri Lanka.

Hindu people also believe that the foot print belongs to Lord Shiva, and also Islam and Catholic devotees believe the same as the foot print of Adam. This peak is located in the Rathnapura district and the height is about 7360 feet. This can be identified easily due to its uncommon and specific shape of a cone.

Generally the pilgrimage period to venerate this place is from December to April of the following year. Heavy rains and unpredictable weather restrict the tedious hike to the peak during the remaining months which is called “off season” during which period the animals are allowed to live peacefully in the peak wilderness among the wild flora. But, if you are adventurous and ready to take risk, this off season can be made use of for the great hike to the peak, since there is less people and more wild animals on this route to the peak. Since the hiking on the thousands of stone steps has to be done in the cold, humid weather, you are advised to be equipped with suitable clothing.

According to the history, there are 6 entrances to access Adam’s peak. They are on Hatton Road, Rathnapura road, Kuruvita Road, Marrai estate road, Mookkuwatte road and Malimboda road. Most of the travelers use Hatton road which is via Nallatanniya to Adam’s Peak. The longest way is from Rathnapura road and travelers have to hike over 18000 steps to reach the peak. Although it is hard to travel, you can have great experience if you hike through the Kuruvita, Erathna road.

Huge numbers of local and foreign visitors reach the Adam’s peak every year. They can enjoy the beauty of the environment which can be seen from the top of Adam’s peak. If you are lucky enough to b on top of “ira Sevaya”which is the silhouette of the peak falling on the opposite. All in all, Adam’s peak is the best place to see the sunrise and sunset in Sri Lanka.