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Lipton’s Seat

Thomas Lipton at the initial stages put up a shop in the 19th century and with the concessions provided by the British, Thomas was able to acquire many tea estates in the region, one of which was Lipton’s seat. Labour was never a problem as there were many Tamil and Indian workers domiciled in Ceylon at that time.

Tea estates adorn the hill country of Sri Lanka in an atmosphere that is tranquil and serene. There are many tea factories that dot the surrounding hills. However, no matter what tea estate you visit, don’t fail to visit Lipton’s Seat in Haputale.  The view is so beautiful that you have to see as words cannot describe its beauty.

Lipton’s seat has been named after the renowned Thomas Lipton who is said to have planted the first ever tea leaves in Sri Lanka in this particular place. Thomas Lipton is believed to have used this place as a point of advantage to view his massive domain that spread around the hills. Lipton’s seat is at a vantage point atop the Poonagala Hill in the precincts of the Dambetenna Tea Factory in Haputale.

If you are travelling from Colombo it takes 7 hours. However, getting to Lipton’s seat is an adventure of sorts with narrow roads that barely provide access for two vehicles to pass each other. Yes it can be frightening, but once you take a look at the view, one forgets how harrowing an experience it can be on those narrow roads.

Once you have reached the peak of Lipton’s seat the surrounding landscape will take your breath away, as you will be able to get a bird’s eye view of Uva, Sabaragamuwa and Central and Easter Provinces of Sri Lanka in all its glory. It’s best to climb up to Lipton’s seat in the early hours of the morning, so that you could get a beautiful view of the Handapangala Lake, Chandrika Lake and Udawalawe Lake. If you are lucky enough, yes you could also view Vedihitikanda in Kataragama and the Hambantota Port.